Espresso Week, Day 5

My shots (all 5 of them) were nothing short of amazing this morning, if I do say so myself.

Still, I think I'm going to come back to what I wrote in the post that started this whole sillyness - it's a quantity-over-quality issue. 32 ounces of French Press goodness over 1.25 ounces (x5) of espresso heaven.

There are a few things in life in which a little bit of "absolute perfection" might be traded for a superabundance of "pretty darn good." I'm thinking coffee might be one of them.

Others, anyone?


solarblogger said...

That is a perfectly reasonable answer.

I had thought when you first wrote that you thought French Press coffee hands-down tasted better. If that were true, I wondered if I had bad coffee-making technique, or whether I was paying attention to the wrong side of the flavors. (Or whether perhaps you were just on a completely different page. But I like to suspend judgment and see whether someone has a rationale.)

I sometimes prefer variety even to having my one favorite all the time, so I can understand preferring quantity to perfection. But now that I know that you still consider espresso to be perfection, I trust you all the more!

chris j pluger said...

My espresso yesterday and today = perfection (as close as we can get this side of heaven).

It took a bit to get the hang of it (again), but now that it's back it's a really pleasant experience.

Still a pain in the butt, but what do you expect from perfection?