Espresso Week, Day 3

Well, at the very least, I am becoming a much more deliberate coffee drinker. Not “deliberate” in the sense of “not accidental,” but rather in the sense of “intentional; undertaken with care and forethought.” It’s pretty easy to press out a liter of wonderful coffee from the French Press and suck it down without noticing. But the work I have to put in to getting a quality ounce or two from La Pavoni makes me stop to admire/appreciate the finished product a bit more.

Now, if only this lesson rubs off on the rest of my life. I could use a little more deliberation, and a little less random, aimless, chaotic wandering. Ever “wake up” at the end of a day and realize you did everything automatically? That’s what I’m talking about. Or rather, that’s what I’m talking about not doing. Whatever.

Coffee-in-hand: Classic Italian cappuccino

P.S. ― Everyone who cares about coffee should go here and here.

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Scott said...

I get what you mean.

That's why I took up shaving with my suds provided by a brush and mug and the cutting coming from a straight razor. You can't phone it in when there's four inches of honed (literally) razor-sharp steel at your throat. The ritual (and the danger factor) makes me pay more attention and it becomes a zen-thing. Granted, I have to get up earlier to shave this way than when my Bic came from a bag and my suds from a can, but I appreciate my morning more and I'm awake BEFORE I ever take that first sip of Joe, so I think I actually enjoy it more than I used to.

Here's to morning rituals!