Espresso Week, Day 0

Well, everything is ready.

I roasted two batches of Puro Scuro this afternoon. The Pavoni is out, polished, and freshly cleaned. The Bodum is put away for the week. I've got the espresso grind dialed in on my Solis Maestro Plus.

All I have to do now is go to sleep, so I can wake up and start pulling shots.

It's going to be a good week.


Eternal Apprentice said...

Espresso Week
Espresso Week
Rah Rah Rah!

Go for it, man!


chris j pluger said...

Well, now everyone in cyberspace thinks you're a cheerleader.

And a car guy.

And the outfit in your pic is confusing the hell out of them.


Eternal Apprentice said...

I'm a renaissance man.

Like Davinci without the code.


chris j pluger said...

And you know how to spell "renaissance," which is better than a lot of people in cyberspace.

solarblogger said...

Oh, Chris, you fell for it. Don't you know that Renaissance Man is an anagram for Marianne Cessna? He is a cheerleader. A cheerleader named Marianne. And if you hurt his feelings he's gonna fly off in his cutting edge aircraft.

All the signs were there and you missed them. Sigh.

Eternal Apprentice said...


chris j pluger said...

It's funny, and it makes as much sense as "Anagram For Mongo."

And on a completely different note, I ran into another person the other day who hates RUSH because of "salesmen!"

Go figure...

Eternal Apprentice said...

That's okay.
It's like people who don't like coffee.
More for us.

"The writer stares with glassy eyes
Defies the empty page
The page is white
His face is lined
And streaked with tears of rage..."

- Rush