Sweet New Functionality - Thanks, Blogger!

If the new poll feature ever comes online, you should be able to register your preferred coffee breweing preference for all the world to see. This should be interesting.

PS -- there should be a whole bunch of choices listed, ending with something facetious about making someone else do it. If there are only 4-5 choices, the poll is still jacked up.

PPS -- it didn't occur to me to include an "I don't drink coffee" choice in the poll. This is not to exclude my non-coffee-drinking readership, but to protect myself from being saddened.

Update -- I took the poll down, because it was ugly, and it stopped being fun to play with my page layout.


Anonymous said...

I agree, you definately should have included a "I don't drink coffee" spot on your poll. :)

chris j pluger said...

the poll is still jacked up...

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Vacuum plunger!! Vacuum plunger!!

I just found your blog. Here's the question, though....how do you longer-time Lutherans sleep? Is that the beer part? Or do you just cut off early in the day?

chris j pluger said...

How do we sleep?

Two words:

Objective Justification.

(and beer)

Thanks for visiting! Vacuum plunger was on the longer list, but the poll is only listing the first few I put in.