Doing Something

Sometimes, sitting around talking about stuff is really important. A lot of people these days do things without talking about them first, which rather implies that they haven’t thought much about them either. And doing things without thinking/talking them through can be ill-advised at best. (A related problem is people who say things without thinking about them, too...)

Talking about things gets other people’s opinions into the open. It also opens up one’s own thought processes to public scrutiny, kind of like having someone proof-read a paper before it gets turned in. With a few friends, a favorite beverage, and a couple of hours, there’s almost no problem that can’t be “solved” ― at least, to the satisfaction of those in the room.

Sometimes, however, sitting around talking about stuff is less-than-constructive. It may even give the illusion that “something is being done” about a problem or concern when, in fact, nothing is happening. At such times, action is required rather than mere words. One can’t help but be reminded of the P.F.J. meetings in Monty Python’s classic Life of Brian ― “this calls for immediate discussion!”

At any rate, I have opened another blog to deal with both of the above situations. I’m calling it What Are We Going To Do About It?, or WAWGTDAI? for short. I’ve decided that the form, style, and content will vary enough from the vague, comfortable, lukewarm vapid-ness that characterizes this blog that it’s best to host those discussions elsewhere, and I’m hoping that posting to WAWGTDAI? doesn’t adversely affect my already-atrocious writing schedule at Café Diem.

What Are We Going To Do About It? is, above all, a place for me to talk about news, politics, and other current-events stuss that is important to me, with the hope that family, friends, and a wider community of readers might find what I have to say interesting, helpful, thought-provoking, and perhaps paradigm-shifting. I invite all of you to drop by often, read what I have to say, form an opinion, comment, etc. But even more than just talking, as the blog’s title indicates, the goal of this new blog will usually be some kind of action.

Sometimes, the action will be nothing more than staying informed and helping others to do the same. It might not be a specific action right now ― as a teacher, I’m quite used to imparting information that won’t get used for a long time into the foreseeable future ― but eventually, if I am faithful enough in writing, there will come a time when we will be called upon to do something.


Coach Jess Priebe said...

A-frickin-men!!!!!! those first three paragraph's could not be more true! AND they point out my biggest pet peeve of college students today...boasting about their theories which are mere talk with no follow up action. most times their actions even contradict their theories! GOSH!!!

Coach Jess Priebe said...

please dismiss the apostrophe in the word "paragraph's"

Coach Jess Priebe said...

PS I am well aware that I am a person who speaks without thinking.