Well, Espresso Week has come and gone, and with it my faulty assumption that man cannot live on espresso alone. I did indeed live through an entire week without coffee from my French Press, and in fact I would venture to say I prospered by the experience.

I’m now into my second day back into my old habits, but tellingly the Pavoni has not yet been removed from the kitchen counter (much to the chagrin of my wife). In fact, as I sit and type this I am enjoying an afternoon pick-me-up cappuccino that nicely compliments (rather than competes with) my morning pot of “regular” joe.

Faced with an extended, involuntary trip to an electrified desert island with a regular supply of fresh coffee beans, I’d still choose the Bodum as my one means of regular caffeination, but I’ve learned to appreciate the effort and process of home-crafted espresso drinks as well.

So, like so many fine things in this world, it is not a question of “either/or,” but of “both/and.” Now I just need a UN resolution to justify my annexation of 3 additional square feet of counter space.


solarblogger said...

I've improved my own press pot skills a bit, so I'm drinking more of that kind of coffee lately. Yes, I think I could survive on that quite well in the electrified island scenario. Though I would have dreams of espresso.

chris j pluger said...

Of course, now that I think about it, a press-pot would also work on a non-electrified island.

Score one for Bodum!

Eternal Apprentice said...

As long as you hand-ground your coffee or had a mortar & pestle handy...