Why Denny Hitzeman Hates American Idol

Since all I seem to have time to write lately is devotions for Wednesday Vespers and final exams for my students, I guess I’ll have to content myself with linking you to this really cool post from my good friend Denny.

After exams, and Mexico, and VBS, I should be back to my usual long-winded self.

Coffee-in-hand: Uganda Bugishu


Orycteropus Afer said...

If only I'd known the connection before writing this post.

solarblogger said...

Hi. Found your link on another Lutheran blog, and liked the coffee connection. So you prefer French Press to espresso? Why? (That's to be read as an honest question, not a gasp.) I just watched a coffee special on TV last night (I think on History Channel's Modern Marvels), and many of those interviewed preferred the French Press as well. I have used one some, but have made most of my coffee recently using a cheap steam espresso maker, which I now know is inferior to one that can put more pressure on the beans, and won't make crema, but still tastes better to me than most brewed coffee.