How Do You Say "Twenty" In Italian?

So I’m at a national chain franchise coffee shop, located in a national chain franchise bookstore (I bet you can’t guess what franchise I’m talking about). I cautiously approach the counter, carefully examine the menu, and prepare to make my selection. The following conversation ensues:

Person Behind The Counter: May I help you?
Me: I’d like a medium cappuccino. (what can I say? It was after dinner...)
PBTC: You mean a Venti cappuccino?
Me: No, I mean a medium cappuccino. The one in the middle. I believe you call it a “Grande.” Venti is your largest size.
PBTC: Right...

I mean, come on, people! If you’re going to act pretentiously stupid and try to get me to use your national chain franchise trademarked lingo, at least try condescendingly to get me to use the right vocabulary.

The icing on the cake is that I overheard her “training” the “barista” on how to “properly” make a cappuccino. “Always use skim milk for a cappuccino,” she says, “Whole milk gets too fluffy.”

Entire generations of Italians are rolling over in their graves.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but this is the second time I’ve had a similar conversation with a similar PBTC from the same national chain franchise.

Coffee-in-hand: Cold, over-extracted cappuccino. Stiff foam, no body, paper cup. But it’s my own d*mn fault, I guess...

P.S.- Happy Birthday, Janine!

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Anonymous said...

sorry about your experience. i believe i work for the franchise you are speaking of, and i promise they aren't all like that. and venti means 20 in italian, which is why the largest cup is 20 ounces. when the company was first started the sizes were short, tall, and grande. later on the venti was introduced which technically makes it extra large...not just large.